The Catholic University of America


The courses offered in Electrical Engineering will be from the following list:
1.   Signal and Image Processing
             EE 545                       High-resolution radar signal processing
             EE 515                       Digital signal processing
             EE 561                       Random signal theory
             EE 572                       Basics of Information coding and transmission
             EE 617                       Adaptive signal processing
             EE 618                       Optimum signal processing
             EE 621                       Fundamentals of Kalman filtering and smoothing
             EE 634                       Fundamentals of digital image processing
             EE 671                       Statistical signal processing
             EE 771                       Detection and estimation theory


2.   Antennas and Electromagnetic Propagation
             EE 541                       Graduate level electromagnetics
             EE 542                       Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Sys
             EE 540                       Introduction to antenna systems
             EE 740                       Numerical methods in electromagnetics
3.      Engineering Mathematics Courses
            ENGR 516                  Advanced Mathematical Methods in Engineering
            ENGR 520                  Computational Methods in Engineering

     4.    Core Technical Supporting Courses            

             EE 522                       Linear System Analysis
             EE 502                       Optical Systems and Devices
             EE 645                       Optical Communications Networks
             EE 534                       Communication and Computer Network Simulation
             EE 546                       Electrical Properties of Materials



The courses offered in Mechanical Engineering will be from the following list:
4.      Vibrations, Acoustics and Controls
       ME 503                      Structural Mechanics
       ENGR 503                  Control Systems
       ME 551                      Infrared Systems
       ME 557                      Advance Dynamics
       ENGR 565                  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
       ME 566                      Advance Vibrations and Structural Dynamics I
       ME 664                      Modal Analysis
       ME 666                      Advance Vibrations and Structural Dynamics II
       ME 703                      Advance Problems in Vibration/Acoustics
       ME 752                      Advance Topics in Mechanics
       ME 754                      Advanced Computational Structural Analysis
5.      Thermal Sciences
ME 530                       Applied Energy Systems
ME 532                       Design of Power & Propulsion Systems
ME 533                       Energy Conservation & HVAC
ME 534                       Design of HVAC & Refrigeration
ME 537                       Pollution Control for Energy Systems
ENGR 538                  Introduction to Environmental Engineering
ME 539                       Combustion and Incineration
ME 544                       Introduction to Multiphase Systems
ME 548                       Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 549                       Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME 640                       Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 647                       Multiphase Flows
ME 648                       Heat Exchangers: Theory & Applications
ME 741                       Advanced Problems in Thermal Sciences