The Catholic University of America


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical engineering is a driving force in the improvement of how we interact in today’s world. Whether we consider the fundamentals behind today’s cable, wireless, and fiber-optic communications systems, the ever-increasing speed of computers, the intelligence embedded into our home appliances and automobiles, or emerging alternative energy sources, electrical engineering plays a dominant role.

Computers are ubiquitous today, yet their inner workings and future evolution remain shrouded in mystery for many people. Computer science studies the fundamentals of hardware and software components, advanced system design and human interface issues, and pursues their applications in science, engineering and technology in our daily lives.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers serve humanity! We contribute immensely throughout the world to protecting the environment, increasing quality of life, and contributing to overall economic development.  Broadly speaking, mechanical engineers deal with things that move and use energy (i.e., almost everything!).  In fact, there is not a day that goes by that you don’t use hundreds of things that mechanical engineers have brought to life. At CUA, we offer a well-balanced program with up-to-date design, laboratory, and computer experiences.  Your CUA experience will open you to a world of possibilities – everything from traditional careers in engineering to law to business to medicine.

Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Program at Catholic University has a proud twenty-five year history of successfully educating military, government, and industry professionals in the art and science of managing technical organizations and their processes. We have provided that necessary additional step that allows engineers and scientists to understand how their environment works and how things are managed and controlled within that environment. Our intent is to make the engineer and scientist more effective in the pursuit of professional achievement.