The Catholic University of America

Robert Meister, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
202-319-5822 phone
202-319-5195 fax


B.E.E., Engineering, The Catholic University of America, 1949
M.S., Physics, The Catholic University of America, 1953
Ph.D., Physics, The Catholic University of America, 1958

Dr. Meister's research interests include elastic and anelastic properties of liquids and solids, magnetic resonance, and the effect of ELF and microwaves on biological cells. Theses studies were carried out with support from ONR, NRL, NSF, NASA, Geological Survey, and the Army.

Representative Publications
T. Litovitz, et. al. "Bioeffects Introduced by Exposure to Microwaves are Mitigated by Superposition of ELF Noise." Bioelectromagentics. Pp. 422 _ 430, Vol. 18, 1997.

S. Chin and R. Meister. "Effect of Signal Modulation on Cell Response: A Signal Processing Approach." IASTED International Conference Modeling and Simulation, 1995.