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Hsien Ping Pao, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Director of International Program Development
Civil Engineering
202-319-6142 phone
202-319-6677 fax

B.Sc.C.E., National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 1956
Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, Johns Hopkins University, 1963

Hsien Pao's research interests include fluid mechanics and heat transfer, physical oceanography and ocean engineering, environmental hydraulics, nonlinear internal waves, laboratory and field measurements, water-level and sediment load monitoring systems, clean combustion of solid fuels and wastes, advanced conductivity sensors for laboratory and oceanic applications. He is the recipient of Benemerenti Medal from His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, in 1995. Currently, he serves as President of Rho Psi Foundation.

Representative Publications
Ling, S.C. and Pao, H.P., “Methods and Apparatus for Incinerating Combustible Waste Material such as Farm Animal Biomass,” U.S. Patent No. 6,189,463 B1, Issued on 20 February 2001.

Ling, S.C. and Pao, H.P., “On the mechanics of an electron,” in Proc. 9th Asian Symposium on Visualization, Hong Kong, June 2007.
Pao, H.P., Lee, M.P., and Ling, S.C., “Intense nonlinear internal waves: numerical modeling,” in Proc. 9th Asian Symposium on Visualization, Hong Kong, June 2007.
Serebryany, A.N. and Pao, H.P., “Transition of a nonlinear internal wave through an overturning point on a shelf,” Doklady Earth Sciences, Vol. 420, No. 4, pp.714-718, 2008.
Pao, H.P., “Stratified flows and nonlinear internal waves,” Keynote paper, Proc. 12th Cross Strait Water Resources Engineering Conference, Beijing, Oct. 2008.
Pao, H.P., and Ling, S.C., “A new view concerning suspended-sediment flows and a new suspended sediment-load monitoring system,” invited paper presented at the International Workshop on Sediment Transport in Taiwanese Rivers – Coastal Seas and other Coastal Systems, National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan, Nov. 2008.
Pao, H.P., “Intense nonlinear internal waves in oceans,” invited lecture at Department of Mechanical/Ocean Engineering, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Calif., March 2009.