The Catholic University of America

Office of the Dean

Charles C. Nguyen, D.Sc.
Dean and Professor
Pangborn 102
(202) 319-5160

John Judge, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Pangborn G37
(202) 319-5127

Melvin G. Williams, Jr., Vice Admiral (retired), U.S. Navy
Associate Dean for External Affairs
Pangborn 100
(202) 319-5191

Blanka Bell, B.A.
Assistant to the Dean for Administration
Pangborn 102
(202) 319-5160     

Diane Miranda, B.A.

Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs

Pangborn 102  

(202) 319-5160

Afshin Nabili, M.B.E.
Director of Laboratories & Technology Resources
Pangborn 115
(202) 319-5659

Jandro Abot, Ph.D.
Interim Director of International Programs
Pangborn G21

J. Claiborne Gayden, M.A.
Director of Development
Pangborn 126