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Message from the Dean of the School of Engineering

Dear friends, alumni and prospective students:

Welcome to the School of Engineering at Catholic University. The essence of engineering is creative design, particularly as it relates to the solution of problems of national, global and/or social interest. There has never been a greater demand for engineers and computer scientists. This is especially true in the current economic crisis facing our nation. Engineers will certainly play critical roles and provide solutions to challenges in national security, alternative energy, and health care. Now is the perfect time to consider a future in one of the exciting fields of engineering

But what does it mean to be a small, private, Catholic engineering school? And what does it mean to be a student here?

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  • General Information

    Successful design rests upon a solid foundation of mathematics, science, and the work of earlier designers...Read More »

  • Departments

    A small, private, Catholic engineering school, CUA engineering provides students with small classes facilitating close faculty and students interaction and active, engaging learning environments...Read More »

  • Undergraduate Studies

    The School of Engineering offers programs leading to the bachelor's degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science...Read More »

  • Graduate Studies

    Graduate programs in the school of engineering emphasize both theory and application of advanced engineering principles. Offering master's and doctoral degrees, CUA students conduct research alongside renown faculty...Read More »

  • Student Activities

    The goal of education is not simply to develop the intellect, but also to facilitate the growth of the whole person. Student engineering societies support the development of engineers with a global and societal perspective...Read More »

  • Study Abroad Program

    Engineering @ CUA has established a study abroad program with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) with other universities soon to come online...Read More »